Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

Buford Avenue

Interactive map of monuments along Buford Avenue on the Civil war battlefield of Gettysburg

Buford Avenue is named after Major General John Buford, the Union cavalry general who began the fight at Gettysburg by blocking the advance of Confederate General Henry Heth's Division. (His statue is not located on the Avenue; it is south along Chambersburg Road.) The avenue is just a small part of the line held by Buford's troopers on the morning of July 1st.


It starts in the south at the intersection of Reynolds and Wadsworth Avenues on Oak Ridge and heads northwest and then northeast (one-way traffic) toward Mummasburg Road, passing the monuments Col. Thomas C. Devin's 2nd Brigade of Major General John Buford's 1st Cavalry Division.

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Crossing Mummasburg Road, Buford Avenue turns into North Confederate Avenue and continues on to the summit of Oak Hill, the third highest point on the battlefield at a little over 640 feet and site of the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.


The monuments of Buford Avenue at Gettysburg

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