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2nd Maine Battery

"Hall's Battery"

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The monument to the Second Maine Battery is west of Gettysburg on Chambersburg Pike at its intersection with Stone Avenue near General Reynold's statue. (39.837848° N , 77.251547° W; map)


A marker in the National Cemetery shows the battery's position on July 2nd.


The Second Maine Battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain James A. Hall. It was part of the 1st Corps Artillery Brigade, and brought127 men to the field serving six Ordnance Rifles, suffering 18 wounded.



From the Chambersburg Pike momnument:


2nd Maine

1st Brig.
2nd Div. 1st Corps

July 1, 1863



From the National Cemetery marker:


2nd Maine
July 2, 1863

2nd Maine in the National Cemetery thumbnail
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2nd Maine Battery monument at Gettysburg
(above) Monument to the Second Maine Battery on Chambersburg Road west of Gettysburg. The small stone in front of it is the flank marker for the battery.
(below and to the left) A marker in the National Cemetery showing the position of the battery on July 2nd. (see enlargement of photo to the left).
2nd Maine Battery marker at Gettysbur
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