Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

Maine Monuments at Gettysburg

The State of Maine contributed 65,000 men to the Union Army during the Civil War. These were organized into 33 infantry, 2 cavalry and 1 heavy artillery regiments, 7 light artiillery batteries and a company of sharpshooters.


One of the Army of the Potomac's eight corps commanders, Major General Oliver O. Howard, was from Maine.


Over 3,700 men from Maine fought at the Battle of Gettysburg, in ten infantry regiments, one cavalry regiment, three artillery batteries, and a company of sharpshooters. Each unit on the field is honored by one or more monuments.


Over 1,000 of these men (28%) became casualties in the battle, the sixth highest total of the eighteen Union States that fought there.


(right) Seal of the State of Maine from the side of the monument to the
16th Maine Infantry Regiment on Doubeday Avenue at Gettysburg

Seal of the State of Maine from the side of the monument16th Maine Infantry Regiment on Doubeday Avenue at Gettysburg


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3rd Maine Infantry Monument
4th Maine Infantry Monument
5th Maine Infantry Monument
6th Maine Infantry Monument
7th Maine Infantry Monument
10th Maine Infantry Monument
16th Maine Infantry Monument
17th Maine Infantry Monument

3rd Maine

4th Maine

5th Maine

6th Maine

7th Maine

10th Maine


  Cavalry & Artillery

19th Maine Infantry Monument
20th Maine Infantry Monument
Maine Sharpshooters monument

1st Maine Cavalry monument
2nd Maine Artillery Monument
5th Maine Artillery Monument
6th Maine Artillery Monument

19th Maine

20th Maine



1st Maine

2nd Maine

5th Maine

6th Maine

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