Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War
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Second Massachusetts
Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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The monument to the Second Massachusetts Volunteers is southeast of Gettysburg on Carman Avenue near Spangler's Spring. (39.813324° N, 77.215871° W; map)


This is the first permanent regimental monument on the battlefield, erected in 1879.


The regiment was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Mudge. Mudge was killed leading the regiment in a charge whose order he questioned, but obeyed: "it is murder, but it's an order." Major Charles F. Morse took command after Mudge fell.



Form the tablet on the front of the monument:


From the hill behind this monument on
the morning of July Third 1863 the
Second Massachusetts Infantry
made an assault upon the Confederate
troops in the works at the base of Culp's
Hill opposite. The regiment carried to
the charge 22 officers and 294 enlisted
men. It lost 4 officers and 41 enlisted
men killed and mortally wounded and 6
officers and 84 enlisted men wounded.
To perpetuate the honored memories of
that hour the survivors of the Regiment
have raised this stone. 1879.


From the rear:


Lieut. Col. Charles R. Mudge Captain Thomas B. Robeson
Captain Thomas B. Fox   Lieut. Henry V.D. Stone
Color bearers - Leavitt C. Durgin, Rupert J. Sadler, Stephen Cody
First Sergeant Alonzo J. Babcock, Sergeant William H. Blunt.
Charles Burdett, Theodore S. Butters, Jeremiah S. Hall, Patrick Heoy, Ruel Whittier, Gordon S. Wilson.
Samuel T. Alton  James T. Edmunds  Charles Kiernan
George M. Baily  William H. Ela  William Marshall
Henry C. Ball  John E. Farrington  Frederick Maynard
Wallace Bascom  Silas P. Foster  Andrew Nelson
John Briggs, Jr.  Willard Foster  Rufus A. Parker
David B. Brown  Joseph Furber  Philo H. Peck
William T. Bullard  Fritz Goetz  Sidney S. Prouty
James A. Chase  Daniel A. Hatch  Richard Seavers
Peter Conlan  John J. Jewett  Charles Trayner
John Derr  John Joy  David L. Wade


2nd Massachusetts Infantry monument at Gettysburg
(above) Monument to the Second Massachusetts at Gettysburg
(below) Tablet from the front of the monument
Tablet from the front of the Second Massachusetts infantry monument at Gettysburg
(below) View of the monument on its boulder
Massachusetts Infantry Regiment on its boulder at Gettysburg
(below) Tablet from the rear of the monument to the Second Massachusetts
Tablet from the rear of the monument to the Second Massachusetts INfantry at Gettysburg

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