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State of Delaware

The Delaware State Monument is south of Gettysburg on Taneytown Road near the location of the old Cyclorama building. (39.8161° N, 77.23247° W; map) It was dedicated in 2000 by the Delaware Civil War Society on behalf of the citizens of Delaware.


The granite monument was designed by W. Barksdale Maynard. It holds a 5' x 6' bronze bas-relief depicting the 1st and 2nd Delaware counterattcking Pickett's Charge that was created by sculptor Ron Tunison, who also created the statue of General Crawford, the Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial and the Women's Memorial at Gettybsburg and the bas reliefs on the Irish Brigade monument at Antietam.



From the front of the monument:




From the base on the rear, below the tablet with the rosters of the First and Second Delaware Regiments:


Delaware at Gettysburg


The First and Second Delaware Infantry Regiments arrived on the battlefield early on July 2 and took positions in the Federal line along Cemetery Ridge. That day, both units distinguished themselves in fierce fighting. The First defended the Bliss Farm. And the Second helped to hold the Wheatfield against the Confederate attempt to turn the Federal left flank on July 3. The two regiments played key roles in repulsing Lee's assault. They each lost nearly a quarter of their men at Gettysburg and were commended for distinguished service. Three soldiers received the Medal of Honor for heroism under fire and two for the capture of regimental colors. On July 5, the First and Second Delaware, with the Army of the Potomac, left Gettysburg in pursuit of Lee's army.


This memorial is dedicated to all Delawareans who fought at Gettysburg, both Union and Confederate.


Three Delaware regiments are also honored by monuments at Antietam.

State of Delaware Monument at Gettysburg
(above) Front view of the State of Delaware monument, showing the bas-reief by Ron Tunison. (vew enlargement of bas-relief)
(below) Rear view of the State of Delaware, showing a roster of the regiments at the battle of Gettysburg.
Rear view of the State of Delaware, showing a roster of the regiments at the battle of Gettysburg.

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