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State of Virginia Monument

The State of Virginia monument is southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue. (39.814163° N, 77.25034° W; map)



From the monument:


Virginia to her sons at Gettysburg


The Virginia monument was the first of the Confederate State monuments at Gettysburg. it was dedicated on June 8, 1917 and unveiled by Miss Virginia Carter, a niece of Robert E Lee.


It is also the largest of the Confederate monuments, a fitting tribute for the state that provided the largest contingent to the Army of Northern Virginia, its commander, and its name. Lee's figure, topping the monument astride his favorite horse, Traveler (see enlargement), was created by sculptor Frederick Sievers from photographs and life masks of the general. He even went to Lexington, Virginia to study Traveler's skeleton, preserved at Washington and Lee University.


The monument stands 41 feet high. The statue of Lee and Traveler was sculpted by F. William Sievers and stands 14 feet. The total cost of the monument was $50,000.


Below Lee as he studies the distant Union lines are seven Confederate soldiers (see enlargement). According to the marker at the base of the monument,


The group represents various types who left civil occupations to join the Confederate Army. Left to right;
a professional man, a mechanic, an artist, a boy, a business man, a farmer, a youth.


Virginia contributed over 19,000 men to the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg, the largest contingent from the twelve Confederate states. Almost 4,500 of these - almost 1 out of 4 - became casualties, the second highest state total.

enlarge See enlargement of Lee and Traveler (below) Lee and Traveller on the State of Virginia monument st Gettysburg
State of Virginia monument at Gettysburg
(below) See enlargement of the group at the base of the monument enlargeDetail from the State of Virginia monument at GettysburgDetail from the State of Virginia monument at Gettysburg Detail from the State of Virginia monument at Gettysburg
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