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State of Louisiana

The State of Louisiana monument is southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue across from Pitzer's Woods. (39.802958° N, 77.255825° W; map) It was dedicated on June 11, 1971.


The monument is entitled "Spirit Triumphant," and was created by Donald DeLue, who was also the sculptor of the Mississippi monument. It represents a wounded gunner of New Orleans Washington Artillery clutching to his heart a Confederate battle flag while above him the Spirit of the Confederacy sounds a trumpet and raises a flaming cannonball.


A nearby marker bears a tablet with the names of the commission responsible for the monument.


Louisiana sent over 3,000 men to Gettysburg with the Army of Northern Virginia. Around 725 became casualties. It was the seventh largest contingent and the seventh highest casualties of the twelve Confederate states at Gettysburg.



From the monument:


Louisiana July 1, 2, 3, 1863.

Rear view of State of Louisiana monument at Gettysburg

State of Louisiana monument at Gettysburg
(above)"The Spirit of the Confederacy" - enlarge enlarge
(below) The wounded gunner - enlarge
Closeup of base of State of Louisiana monument at Gettysburg
Tablet from State of Louisiana monument at Gettysburg

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