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11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

There are two monuments to the 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg. Both were dedicated in 2000 by the 11th Mississippi Memorial Association.


A monument with a bronze statue of Color Sgt. William O'Brien is southwest of town on West Confederate Avenue (top and center). (39.819641° N, 77.247065° W; map)


A position marker is south of town on Hancock Avenue showing the regiment's furthest advance during Pickett's Charge. (39.815317° N, 77.235507° W; map)



From the West Confederate Avenue monument:


11th Mississippi
Infantry Regiment

Davis' Brigade - Heth's Division
A.P. Hill's Corps
Army of Northern Virginia
Confederate States of America
Afternoon July 2 - July 4, 1863


The 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, under the command of Col. Francis M. Green and Maj. Reuben O. Reynolds, formed west of the tree line on Seminary Ridge behind Maj. William Pegram's Battalion of Artillery and immediately south of McMillan's Woods on July 3, 1863. Shortly after 3:00 p.m., Color Sgt. William O'Brien of Company C, memorialized on this monument, raised the colors and the regiment stepped forward. Although clusters of men reached the stone wall near Brian's Barn, the attack was driven back with heavy loss, and the remnants of the regiment reformed in this vicinity.


Combatants - 393
Killed in action/died of wounds - 110
Wounded/wounded captured - 193
Captured unwounded - 37
Non-casualty - 53


11th Mississippi Regiment
Company A - University Greys
Layfayette County - 1st Lt. Jonathan V. Moore

Company B - Coahoma Invincibles
Coahoma County - Capt. William D. Nunn

Company C - Prairie Rifles
Chickasaw County - Capt. George W. Shannon

Company D - Neshoba Rifles
Neshoba County - Capt. Jonathan R. Prince

Company E - Prairie Guards
Lowndes County - Capt. Henry P. Halpert

Company F - Noxubee Rifles
Noxubee County - Capt. Thomas J. Stokes

Company G - Lamar Rifles
Lafayette County - Capt. William O. Nelms

Company H - Chickasaw Guards
Chickasaw County - Capt. Jamison H. Moore

Company I - Van Dorn Reserve
Monroe County - Capt. Stephen C. Moore

Company K - Carroll County Rifles
Carroll County - Capt. George W. Bird, Jr.



From the moument near the Brian Barn:


July 3, 1863. The 11th Mississippi Infantry regiment, with its ranks growing thinner at every step, advanced with the colors to the stone wall near the Brian Barn.


The regiment was here 'subjected to a most galling fire of musketry and artillery that so reduced the already thinned ranks that any further effort to carry the position was hopeless, and there was nothing left but to retire.

- Report of Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis


Combatants - 393
Killed in action/died of wounds - 100
Wounded/wounded captured - 193
Captured unwounded - 37
Non-casualties - 39


11th Mississippi monument at Gettysburg
tablet from the 11th Mississippi monument on West Confederate Avenue
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tablet from the 11th Mississippi monument on West Confederate Avenue

11th Mississippi marker at Gettysburg
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