Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

The Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest and deadliest battle of the American Civil War. Today the Gettysburg battlefield is a National Military Park filled with hundreds of monuments and historical markers. It is a giant outdoor classroom where hyperlinks of stone and bronze help visitors explore one of the great turning points in American history.


The story of the battle is told by over 1200 monuments and markers featured on this site. There are pages of facts about the Battle of Gettysburg along with photos and stories of the battlefield farms, other buildings and terrain. You can use the menu to search by army, state or type of monument, or tour the battlefield using the monument maps.


Union monuments at Gettysburg
 Union State, Regiment, Battery
and Brigade Monuments

Virginia and Robert E. Lee
 Confederate State and Regiment Monuments and Artillery Markers

Headquarters monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield
and Union Headquarters

Peace Memorial

Gettysburg Battlefield Farms
Battlefield Farms & Other Buildings

Tour the Gettysburg battlefield with monument maps
Visit a Gettysburg Battlefield photo gallery

Visit the photo gallery


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